Open Yours Up and Have a Fabulous Day!

Ink on paper scrap – Words: Henri Ward Beecher

Today is a day to be grateful for anything and everything. Why today? Because you woke up and are breathing, able to read and go online and do whatever it is you want with your time. You may go to work, you may sleep late, you may exercise or gossip, eat a fine meal or refrain from caffeine. Let’s go through a simple list of what you have to be thankful for in order to remind us that gratitude is an attitude not just an emotion.

Today is a dat to be thankful for your physical being. A body that supports you even if it has changed over the years and adjustments needed to be made. If you’re reading this you are capable, alive, breathing, moving, thinking and using all the physical capabilities in your arsenal. Be grateful for your appearance, your physique, the way your brain works AND that you can learn anything you want. Have an attitude of thanks that you are alive for one more day! There is a cemetery full of people who can no longer say that.

Today is a day to grateful for your talents and skills. The things you can do without thinking, so easily that you have forgotten when you learned how to do them. Maybe you can drive a car, sail a boat, run a marathon or even read a story to your child before they go to sleep. You can write a note to someone you know and love to tell them how much they mean to you. And you can do all that because you are capable with talent and skills! Never forget that you worked hard to learn these things and they help you be a better version of yourself.

Today is a great day to be thankful for your source of income. Be it big or small, consistent or sporadic, earning, working, saving, investing and being able to support yourself and your loved ones is an incredible blessing. Money is not everything yet it provides a vehicle for us to do what we want. Pay our bills, eat food, turn on hot water, use electricity. Being able to buy, spend, sell and earn is an incredible gift that not everyone is experiencing today.

And finally, today is a fabulous day to be you! There is no one on this planet that is just like you…even if you are a twin! You are special, talented, unique and have the opportunity to bring to this world what only you can deliver! So get out there and with a heart full of thankfulness do what it is you do, and do it well! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will take care of itself…be the best you that you can today. An attitude of gratitude is a gift, so open yours right up and have a fabulous day!

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