Invest in What You Want to Do

Ink & Gel Pen on Pastel Paper – Words: P.T. Barnum

He was the man who brought wonder, laughter and delight to children of all ages. Barnum & Bailey Circus had a 146 year run, shutting down in 2017. What an amazing legacy to leave on this planet, being the inventor of something that cheered people, fueled their imaginations and thrived in three sequential centuries. The basis of all of that was his joy in hearing children laugh and seeing them smile. P.T. Barnum was an incredible entrepreneur and entertainer.

We should all be so fortunate as to find our joy and passion, then to work everyday to bring it to life and share it with others. You may fuel your dreams within your job, outside your job, or you may still be figuring out what your dreams are becoming. However it works in your day to day life, make the effort and take the time to invest and outline your dreams. Make a list, actually make two lists. One is what you want, and two is what you don’t want…and yes, sometimes the ‘don’t want’ list is easer to determine. Give yourself time to think and really evaluate what is important to you and where you see yourself being most excited. Then give your lists time to settle into your bones. Give your dreams time to percolate like a wonderful cup of coffee so they can enrich your heart and soul every time you read your list.

We talk about dreams from a certain perspective – like winning the lottery or observing when someone else makes it big. Too often we forget that our dreams are the ones that really matter. Our children, our family, our friends and our community are changed when we dare to dream. When we think big we give license to others in our life to do the same. Our lives are worthy of great things, lottery winning size things, even if we do not know how that is going to happen, dream anyway.

So let P.T. Barnum remind you that anything is possible. ANYTHING! Dare to dream, dare to commit your ideas to paper, and invest in what you want to do. The children and waiting for you to unleash your own childlike enthusiasm.

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