The Rest Will Come Together Over Time

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Robert Frost

Challenges will always find us. Be it in our careers, our personal lives, our household, our health, we will always be in one of three situations. We may be headed into a challenge, in the midst of a challenge or just coming out of a challenge. Life is a roller coaster ride of moving in and out of the highs and lows of life, and it is how we handle all of this that makes us or breaks us. When I read this quote from Robert Frost I was reminded that the best way out is always through.

Just get started, put one foot in front of another and let the forward motion propel things forward. I know all too well those days when feeling overwhelmed is the only emotion that seems to be processing. Where to start? What to do to keep it going? How to get it done? Do I have the time, bandwidth or even the energy to do this? How will I survive it all? Whew! How overwhelming it can all feel.

Somehow it is getting started that is the hardest part. We so easily talk ourselves out of moving, getting up, even thinking about whatever it is we need to get done. Sitting, resting, even doing more interesting things soooo easily prevents us from forward motion. Then something changes, some something gives us the urge to move. It is that spark we need to get up and to get going. We cannot move through if we do not move at all, so any forward motion is a good thing. Our first actions may not seem to do much yet motion is progress, and progress grows into productivity which eventually gets things done. Movement and action eventually move us through whatever it is. Nothing happens if we don’t get started.

The best way out is always through, which means we have to get forward motion on our side. Whatever it is, no matter how unmotivated you feel just do something, anything to get moving. You don’t have to know all the answers, all the steps, all you need is to start and keep going. The rest will come together over time.

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