Not More of Everyone Else

Pencil, gel pen & ink on Mixed Media Paper- Words: Herman Melville

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that is true. I like Mellville’s twist which reminds us that trying is to be original and failing is better than being a perfect version of someone else. In a world where we are bombarded with influencers, models, posts on social media and formats for what great, perfect or impressive looks like it can be tough to have the courage to be original.

Original doesn’t mean being brash or attention grabbing, it means being true to who you are deep down. Loud hair, loud clothes, foul language and evocative choices may land you on a reality show yet they rarely help people see the true you. Being original may mean being simple when everyone else is over done. It may mean being pleasant when others jump on the bandwagon to cut something down. It may mean being quiet when everyone else is yelling in order for your words to have true meaning in the discussion.

There is a voice within all of us that tells us, guides us, even prompts us to think, speak or behave differently than the situation around us demands. It is our conscience telling us to be true to our thought, our idea instead of just going with the flow. You may not look like, act like, or feel like you fit in with everyone else in the room AND that is the exact reason they need you in that room. Your voice is the one willing to raise a hand and ask the tough question, suggest the unsuggestable, or even bring up the unwanted side of the story. And yes it all may fail miserably. Yet there is nothing worse than the words that went unsaid due to fear, intimidation or trying to fit in. Once our original thought pops into our head it has the power to haunt us until we share it with the world.

Make it your goal to speak up, be a complete and full version of an original you instead of a perfect replica of someone else. The world needs you not more of everyone else.

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