The Adventure into the Unknown

Gel pen on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Mark Twain

I LOVE these words from Mark Twain. He is so right! Ignorance and confidence are all you need to be successful. Sounds very unlikely and yet very true. When you don’t know what you don’t know there is no limit to what you can imagine, build, or believe. Knowledge is one thing, blind enthusiasm led through ignorance has toppled more walls than intelligence.

I have started more projects and assignments knowing nothing than I care to recall. I was enthusiastic enough to believe that it would all work out, and just dumb enough to believe it. Many times my team and I would figure it out as we went along, making mistakes, fixing them, adjusting, then delivering a final project that no one ever imagined. We were ignorant of our own stupidity and it led us through all sorts of walls, barriers and criticism. We learned so much which built our confidence to do the next thing on our plate. They loved the challenge, the trust and the ability to make mistakes and I loved watching them learn and grow.

I know some of you reading this are horrified at that process! How stupid to start without knowing everything, to not do all the research before setting up a solid plan, and how much time did you waste making mistakes? We didn’t waste any time, we tried, we learned and then we refined it more. The goal was to know more than when we started AND to get the job done. We never suffered from the paralysis that comes with too much analysis and knowledge was available when we turned each corner. We did it together and some found the information, others implemented and together they all had a blast! It is amazing what happens when you tell people they are in control then let them go…they will astound you and themselves every time.

Maybe there is a project out there where a little ignorance with a splash of confidence could get things started. There are people just crazy enough to work together towards a goal they have no idea of how to accomplish. Remember that comment as in 2022 I will reveal my next adventure into the unknown!

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