NO Will Turn to GO

Gel pen on Black Mixed Media Paper

It is that moment when you want it all to work out so badly you can taste the sweetness on your tongue. All the pieces would fall into place when it goes as you hope. Those are also the moments when it can feel crushing when the answer is NO. How disappointing, how discouraging, how painful when what was ‘perfect’ turns out to be a big fat nothing. Time is telling you NO and it doesn’t go down well.

I had one of those moments recently and found myself disappointed. That is when this quote reminded me that time knows best. It may not feel that way, it may leave us downtrodden and forlorn, so we have to trust that time will change things. Within a day of my disappointment new information showed it’s face and a pivot made it work out better than I could have hoped. Time did know best!

We have been living in strange times this past year and a half, isolated, fearful, home bound. We have been reminded to value the people, places and activities in our lives. What we thought was important turned out to be wrong, and what we had forgotten that really mattered was brought back to the forefront. It may have been hard living a social distance existence yet that time gave us the gift of insight and peace. So now as the veil is slowly lifting (we hope) time is telling us to focus on what we have learned, value the important people over things, and let home be a place of peace and joy.

Time does know best. Though we cannot control it, manipulate it or even fool it, time wins in the end. We can either fight it or wait and learn. The waiting can be difficult and we do not always understand the ‘why’ behind it all, so we trust that time knows…especially when it tells us NO. So if you are living with a NO, wait for time to make it right another way. That NO will turn to GO soon enough.

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