Who Knew Splotches Could Help Us?

Gel Ink on black Mixed Media Paper

I’m working on multiple projects at a time, one is drying, one is waiting for the next step, and still another is stuck in my head. With all that going on I have to give myself a break because splotches happen! No matter how hard we try not everything goes to plan and every plan usually has a misstep that can make it better or worse.

Being busy is a good thing. It means there are fun things happening and we get to grow, move, and use our skills and talents. I am not always this busy yet with the holidays approaching I am trying to stay ahead of the game. I have multiple gifts to make, cards to finish and a commission or two to get out the door…on top of painting a couple rooms in our house, on top of the projects I mentioned earlier. Whew! It’s fun but it’s busy!

Some people thrive in busy, some shut down. Some people like frantic mess and others find it demoralizing. Then there are those quiet people who seem to not be impacted at all by what is going on around them, then they stop and show the rest of us what they were doing and BAM! They were frantic and busy all along just in their quiet, sort of way. I find it fascinating what makes people tick, what drives them crazy, and what drives them to create beyond what even they thought was possible.

In the midst of all of this I remind myself and others that splotches happen. Use them or start over, you choose. Some of my most popular pieces were set asides from a past day waiting to be revisited, waiting until my mind could rethink, reuse, and reinvent their purpose. I pick them up again, see the splotch and suddenly see a new way to use it. BAM! Out comes the piece and what was a rotten mark becomes a grand feature. Who knew that splotches could help us reinvent ourselves and our work.

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