The Difference Between Busy and Strategic

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: John Wooden

How many days have we spent being busy. Getting things done, or thinking we are getting things done when we are simply just being busy. Not that busy is wrong it is simply being busy. Most people who achieve what they want do not do it through being busy, they do it by being strategic and focused. Sometimes busy is enough to get our tasks done, it is usually not enough to get the big jobs done.

I have worked for both busy bosses and bosses that achieved, there is a world of difference. The busy boss holds lots of meetings – because meetings are important or at least make us look important – they always talk about being swamped and how many emails they get, when in reality they may or may not be that busy or that important. I find that busy bosses walk very fast, come to meetings late and always have another pressing ‘something’ to do instead of doing the hard work that focus requires.

The boss that is focused on achievement usually has twice as much to do, and yet somehow finds the time and patience, plus focus to be attentive to the task or people at hand. This boss understands WHY people do what they do and does not have time or interest in micromanaging anyone. This boss sees the big picture and leaves people alone to do what they were hired to do. The goal and steps to get there were assigned and now the expectation is for everyone to do their very best and get it done. Achieve the goal the best way you know how.

So which kind of boss, parent, community member or friend are you? Are you busy doing busy things? Or are you being strategic and smart about how you spend your time? Some days we can only handle busy, yet let us not think those days are the same days when we achieve things. Getting chores done is not the same as deciding how to best invest the family savings. Today I ask you to be more achievement focused than busy focused. The difference may astound and amaze you.

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