When “it” Hits…Shake It Off!

Inktober 2021: Day 30 – Taylor Swift lyrics

She was a brand new artist, yet no one had heard of her. She had talent and was an incredible song writer, yet no one had heard of her. Her father believed in her first album enough that he bought one million copies and put them in a storage unit, which nearly guaranteed her song would reach number one on the charts. It was a gamble, and Taylor Swift’s father was right. She has been winning grammy’s and topping the charts ever since. Together they changed the process for becoming an overnight sensation.

This song is about being yourself, shedding the judgement of others AND having the courage to do it. Shake It Off has become an anthem for anyone who has been called any sort of term that tries to make them feel less than, unwanted, or unworthy. The tune, the words, the message all work together to get our feet moving and our hearts to shake it off…no matter what “it” is.

Ask any teen about fitting in, any new employee, the new “special friend” at a family gathering or the new kid at school. At one point or another we all wondered if we are enough. Cool enough, smart enough, pretty enough, business savvy enough, even kind enough. It is a basic human instinct to want to belong and sometimes the place where that needs to start is within ourselves. We have to know and believe in our talents, skills, appearance, knowledge and personality enough to realize what a gift we are to this tiny planet. The sooner we understand our own value and unique gifts the sooner everyone gets it as well.

Not everyone has a dad that can afford to take a financial risk and buy their album to spike sales. Not everyone has people telling them that they are worthy and fabulous just the way they are. Not everyone has a supportive and development minded boss. When or if you fall into any of those categories, don’t worry…shake it off! You are more than enough to tackle any problem that comes your way, you are enough just the way you are.

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