Leaving What We Know to Head Into the Unknown

Inktober 2021: Day 10 – Dolly Parton Lyrics

Life can be hard when we know it is time for a major element of our life to change. Something that we have relied upon for years must finally come to an end in order for us to move forward. That is where Dolly Parton found herself in her relationship with mentor, and musical partner Porter Wagoner. She wrote this song I Will Always Love You to let him know her feelings of friendship and well wishes. Most people hear it as a love song and it is, just not romantic love. It demonstrates the love of friendship and admiration for one who has been important even as that relationship must change.

Change is hard. It means leaving what we know and heading into the unknown without the security and safety of someone, or something that has gotten us to where we are today. Wow! It means daring to believe that things will get better, stronger and more fulfilling without things staying the same. It takes courage to leave, to change, to move beyond who we are today to become who we know we might be in the future. It is risking it all to be better than what we know today as real.

We often call these moments turning points, cross roads, even life affirming moments. Of course we call them that when we look back because hind sight is always cleared than our daily view. Today it feels like fear, anxiety, dread, and maybe a dabble of sadness as we walk forward without a trusted friend, employer, community or family member by our side. The people in our lives are the building blocks of who we are and choosing to change a relationship in order to move forward can be grueling and emotionally exhausting. It can also mean the difference between being our brightest, best self and being good enough.

Let me encourage you to have the guts to change the things in your life that need to be released in order for you to move forward as your best, and brightest self. Let go of the anger, the fear, the disappointment and the ties that bind. Let the hope and prospect of a better way to be give you the courage to make the change you need in relationships, attitude, thought processes or even location for your new, fabulous tomorrow.

Note: Dolly Parton wrote two famous songs in a twenty-four hour period. This one and the one that will be featured in tomorrow’s blog post…so stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured female song writer installment for Inktober 2021.

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