Choose to be the Best Part of Their Day

Inktober 2021: Day 6 – Carole King lyrics

It’s a rainy day in Georgia, grey, wet, cloudy. The kind of day when you just want to stay in bed and take a nap. They lyrics from this song were ringing in my head, so I got up, adjusted my attitude so it wasn’t impacted by the weather and finished this piece. My pen died near the last couple lines, rats! I will look at that as a reminder that nothing is perfect no matter how hard we try.

This song is from Carole King’s Tapestry album. Every song on the album is a triumph and changed the way female song writers were treated by critics and the public. One hit wonders or single track writers now had the opportunity to understand that your best work CAN be an entire album. Raise the bar, write and perform your best work, and shine! Choose to give it your all, Carole King did and changed our perspective as a result of it.

How our day progresses is GREATLY impacted by how we choose to proceed. It is our attitude, our self respect and joy that impacts others even more than what we produce. The best story, idea, plan or event is only as successful as the mindset of the person getting it done. When people interact with us, do we spread joy, fear, confusion or even a bit of cynicism? People may or may not remember what we did, they are influenced by what we said, they TOTALLY remember the way we made them feel. We do that by our attitude. Positive, bright and loving spreads quickly; just as fear, confusion, disdain and narrow mindedness squelches things quickly. Want to shut down a room? Open your mouth and be negative or critical. People may not tell you such, but they get it. Today is the day to avoid you at all costs…simply because your chose to be that way.

Carole King’s lyrics remind us that we do have to choose every morning to get up, put a smile on our faces and show the world all the love in our heart. Even if it is a rainy day and you would rather be under a warm blanket sleeping, choose to be the best part of their day!

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