All You Have to Do is Choose

Metallic and Gel ink on Pastel paper – Words: Mahatma Gandhi

Our thoughts rule us, even if we don’t want to believe it, it’s true. Think happy thoughts and you feel happy and have a happy day. Think thoughts of fear, dread, discontent and pain and the day turns out to be hard, difficult and painful. It is not always that easy, however by controlling our thoughts we can control our day.

We have all worked with people who think differently than we do. They always take the opposite view purely so that side is ‘represented’. They think that by talking about the negative, the sad, the wrong, or correct way they think things should be done it will help enlighten the situation. All it really does is shut down the conversation and leave their peers speechless. No one wants to argue with these people because they only see one way, their way, or the opposite of everyone else’s way. They can clear out a meeting faster than free bagels in the break room.

Gandhi is right, what we think about we become. Think about conspiracy or fear and everything is about a secret being kept from the public. Think about ideas, creativity and new ways to do things and suddenly every problem is an opportunity. We have the power to program our minds by deciding what goes in and what goes out. It’s the old garbage in, garbage out principle. It is one of the reasons I stopped watching news programs, too much scandal, bad news, incorrect reporting and invalid assumptions to try to overcome. I would rather be ignorant that force fed negative nonsense.

So what are you putting in your brain today? Good stuff, positive ideas, happy thoughts? If you feel mired down with doom try watching, reading or talking about something positive. Give it a try, it can be that simple. All you have to do is choose, and choose wisely.

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