Glimpse the Person We Want to Become

Handmade Papers Combined with Ink

I do a great deal of custom work, this is one example. My brother’s first grandchild came for a visit. We printed her footprints, then everyone chose a piece of pink, handmade paper from my flat files. I lettered her name and made the mat from the variety of papers. I must admit, it is adorable, and so is Caroline. The thing I enjoy about custom work is knowing that somewhere a wall is decorated with something I made that is a one of a kind. Very special, very fun.

I spoke to a young woman who told me she is trying to find her place in the world. That is a very mature and loaded statement. I appreciated her courage and candor, while knowing that if she is saying those words to me out loud she must be thinking a great deal about who she wants to be AND how she wants to live. When we are born no one has any idea how our lives will turn out, it is a journey that can change from day to day, month to year, decade to decade. Our job is to learn, prepare and be ready when that next opportunity crosses our path the challenge arises in that we never really know when opportunity is going to knock, and when it knocks what it might bring.

Baby Caroline and that young woman are in essence at the same place in life. Growing up, learning, changing, and becoming the person that is morphing inside them. It can be a hard time in life, exciting, frustrating, even a bit daunting. Becoming is hard work. It takes time, patience, support and a willingness to try new things. It also means failing and getting back up. Becoming means leaving behind the known and facing the unknown, as well as being willing to have everything change. When you’re a baby you can’t help but have everything change. When you are older it can be hard to see years fade and ambitions change, only to know that lots of work and long hours are ahead.

We are all becoming. We are all changing, if not then each day becomes a repeat of the day before. If you find yourself in a place of change and growth, that’s exciting! It’s scary and hard work. Find people to help you process through it. Tap into your support system and ask the tough questions about yourself and what you want. Only when we look inside are we able to glimpse the person we want to become.

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