The Most Powerful Weapon in Your Arsenal

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela reminds us in this quote that EDUCATION is a weapon, one which we all have the power to wield. It is not always easy to make the time (Notice I didn’t say take the time!) to learn something new. Knowledge is the only thing that cannot be stolen from us, it is an investment in ourselves with an infinite pay off. Once we learn a thing our lives are changed forever, our future is expanded and we will live and think differently. So what are people doing with all this new “found” time due to social distancing?

I have been speaking with professionals about their development over the last year. What have they done to develop themselves and learn something new? I am hearing a myriad of answers. A large portion have said, “nothing due to COVID and working from home”. They then speak about the adjustment, the time not being there, the mental shift, and other versions of that same tune. A second group mentions one thing they completed in a variety of topics like an online class, reading a book, attending an online workshop. They make positive remarks about doing something even though it was a stretch. Then there is the third group. The overachievers of the learning world. One person finished their CPA license, started their Masters degree, read two books a week AND is training for an ultramarathon. Just hearing their accomplishments made me tried! It was astonishing.

What I found fascinating is that all these people were handed the same circumstances and situation – global pandemic + working remote – and had very different uses of their time. Some were victims, some were overachievers, some landed near the middle. Just like life in all ways, everyone reacts to the same circumstances in many different ways. It is not the circumstances that prevent or propel us, it is our reaction to them that builds or decays our own selves. The choice is ours to make.

So what choice have you made, what are you learning? How are you handling all this new “found” time? And what excuse are you willing to put aside in order to make your life better? Ponder what you want to learn and find a way to do it. Learning is a tool, a gift, one which we need to open for ourselves. No one ever enjoys being forced to do anything. Take the time this week to start doing something to make your life better by learning. It is the indeed the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.

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