We Are Participants in Our Life, Not Victims

Ink & Gel pen on Pastel Paper – Words: Andrew Jackson

We forget that we are participants in our life, not victims. Let me explain. We visit a doctor and they prescribe, suggest, and practice medicine to make our life better. It doesn’t mean we should not question or decide what is best for us by seeking a second opinion. We need to be the final voice in our own care. If something makes us uneasy or doesn’t seem to make sense, ask the questions, get more information, seek another doctor, THEN make your decisions.

We are responsible for what goes on in our world, even when events we did not expect come our way. Of course we did not want that “thing” to happen, now that it has we have the power to control how we react, talk, behave and decide to move forward. We can let that “thing” ruin us or we can muster up all our courage and march on. Sure it takes time to recover from the news, the blow, the disappointment…that’s human and normal. It’s what we do once the dust has settled that moves us forward.

This quote from Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States, reminded me of the overwhelming flow of information we get. We have the internet, social media, twenty-four hour news, phone updates, email, blogs, people and more people who want to tell us the information they know. And how in the world are we supposed to process ALL that information? His words – receive with respect – then take the responsibility to decide for myself. Brilliant! We all need to decide for ourselves how we are going to let the information we get impact our life. We are participants in our life, not victims. Think that way everyday and willingly be responsible for the decisions in your life.

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