Let the Nothing Take Over

Gel pen on Mixed Media Paper- Words: Ann Bailey

Every have one of those days? I sat in my studio and prepared to create, and this phrase came to mind…I got nothin’! No inspiration, no ideas, no energy, nothing going on at all. So I sat there and thought. I thought some more and realized we all feel this way sometimes…so why not just go with it? So I got out a scrap piece of paper, a gel pen and wrote these words. They pretty much say it all.

I admire when people tell me this. I value their honesty and the fact that they feel safe telling me the truth. No one is at the top of their game, brimming with ideas and ready to solve world hunger every moment of every day. Sometimes “nothin’” is exactly where they are and pushing won’t help. I think this is life’s way of level setting and reminding us that great things can come from nothing if we simply sit and let the nothing take over. Being real with ourselves and others opens the relief valve and lets the pressure to perform, be perfect, be on top of it all at every instant out. And who doesn’t need to release pressure (internal and external) at one time or anther?

So today I encourage you to embrace the nothing. Sit, do nothing, and let it wash all over you. Take a very deep breath and let it out slowly…then do it again. Give yourself time for the nothing to do it’s work. Silence, peace, no pressure even for five minutes can change everything else in your day. Dare to give yourself the gift of honesty, silence and nothing. It obviously did me a world of good because it helped me write this post…which is about nothing by the way!

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