The Lessons of the Ordinary are Everywhere

Ink on cheap watercolor paper – Words: Warren G. Denis

I spoke to a young professional today and she mentioned that just because people have the job doesn’t mean they should be in that job. She went on to tell me that just because someone has a title doesn’t make them a people person or a leader. She may sound jaded, all too soon and yet wisdom is learned at all stages of life. Very wise words for a woman only one year into her career. Noticing these things in the people of her organization is planting the seeds for excellence in her own career.

When we do not have formal education we learn on the job, in the situation or as needed. Life continues to teach us as long as we are willing to learn. As this quote points out, excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. We have the ability at any age to “see” through people and sense who is living a life of excellence and who is phoning it in. So we have to choose from who we are willing to learn. Some of my best career lessons were learned by watching poor leaders and managers knowing that is NOT what excellence does. I made mental notes to never make anyone feel the way they made me feel. The Lessons of the ordinary are everywhere.

When was the last time you studied someone? Watched how they handled situations and made a mental note to do – or not do – what they are doing? If we pay attention we can see and discern the traits we want to acquire before we even know how all the pieces will fit together. Whether we learn a good method or poor excuses we must then choose how we want to apply that learning in our own life. The lesson is important, yet the application is vitally more important. Some of the best lessons from excellence are still sitting in a notebook waiting to be implemented, they were written down and never put to use.

Watch out today for lessons of the ordinary, they are indeed everywhere. Make a conscious effort today to choose wisely, to choose excellence and to choose to put what you learn to good use.

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