Tough People Do

Sumi ink on watercolor – Words: Arthur Golden

Tough times stink. Those moments, decisions and situations that test our resolve. It is when we wonder who we are and what we really believe and want, it is when we see elements of our lives come crashing down around us and wonder if we have the courage to put the pieces back together in new and different ways. Be it a health scare, financial shortfalls, family or friends, or making tough career choices, tough times humble us and bring us to our knees.

Tough times never last, it may feel like they go on forever, yet they eventually subside and we brush the dust off our mental selves. If we have mustered our courage we stand up one more time and get moving. If we choose not to get up we must live with that choice for longer than we might think. When we rise, we are stronger, wiser AND better able to handle future days of uncertainty. This quote from Memoirs of a Geisha reminds us that adversity has a purpose, it clears things from our lives, the things that we might not have been strong enough to remove ourselves.

We live in changing and troubled times. This global pandemic seems to be morphing into more than we know how to handle. So the tough times may linger longer than we would wish. And that really stinks! We’re tired, confused and want to get back to what we know & want, when we may have to wait a bit longer. That doesn’t mean we cannot choose to do what we can, how we can and in new inventive ways. We have to work smarter and think proactively in order to keep learning and moving forward. We have to participate in our own health story and make safe, solid choices instead of playing the victim, fear card. This thing may feel like a strong wind, so let us remember the things it cannot tear away and build on that. Let us choose to get back up and work harder, smarter and more collaboratively. And let us be reminded that tough times never last, tough people do.

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