Simply By What We Do, Learn & Decide

Ink on water color paper – Words: Thomas Fuller

Today is yesterday’s pupil…Thomas Fuller. I appreciate these words as they remind us that what we do each day impacts our future. Sometimes the little things may not feel like a big deal today, one bad decision or rationalization may have a domino effect that we never imagined. We live out each day based on the choices we made the day before, and the day before that.

I have a friend who kept kicking her financial challenges to the curb, just kicking them forward knowing that a new job or new ‘something’ would make things more manageable. That new thing is still not here and her financial problem has now become a mountain of debt she has no way to tackle. She never buckled down because facing it was too much, so her today is a mess beyond her imagination. I have another friend who focused on the big things and not the little things. She spent her time making big decisions and forgot the small ones – maintenance, financial choices, and personal health. She is now facing problems that would have been easily corrected back when they were discovered that have now become major health and household troubles. She thought they would go away or be easier to deal with once she had more time.

I think we all know this and yet forget it when we are making choices. We rationalize poor choices or times when we have skimped on making things better by saying it won’t matter in the long run. That may be true, however all too often we make the long run harder and add obstacles by skimping today on what will come into play in the future. Our life today has a HUGE impact on our future days, our choices add up to create a collective of decisions that are the foundation of how we live.

Today matters, even if it is a blah, napping, taking a rest kind of day. Let us not buy the lie that one day doesn’t matter, it does. That one day can propel us into a future of glorious joy or painful regret. One day, one choice, one decision has the power to change everything. Let us remember that today is yesterday’s pupil, today we have the power to make each future day better simply by what we do, learn and decide.

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