Make It Better Just By Making It Simple

Ink on Recycled Watercolor Paper – Words: Henry David Thoreau

One of my goals for this blog was the create my own art, so for more than a year I have been creating one piece of calligraphy each day then writing the words to go with it. That’s a lot of art supplies. Pens, ink, paper, tools, and more paper. I am also trying to be conscientious about reusing, repurposing and turning scraps into viable elements. This piece is actually rather small as the piece of scrap paper was a reject from another piece. I have a box of scrap paper and this one found it’s way onto my work table to become this quote. I thought it fit well with Thoreau’s words.

As you simplify your life the laws of the universe will be simpler. What a great reminder during this transitional period, as we move from social distancing to getting back into each other’s spaces. Just because we can get back out there doesn’t mean we have to go back to how we used to do things. We all talk about “the new normal” which is still in process and I think we all understand that “new” means adapted, changed, even more or less than before. My hope is that we all take with us the lessons we have learned about ourselves and our values from these COVID isolation days. We become more intentional and protective of our lives by making simple decisions the guide.

Life is complicated enough without adding drama, confusion and fear into the mix. Sure those things will always be a part of our lives, however we do not have to manufacture or nurture them back into our world. Simple works. Simple is easier. Simple allows us to make decisions for the long term because we understand and value their impact. And as Thoreau reminds us when we make things simple the rest of the universe follows suit. Simple breeds simple, it breeds calm, it gives us a framework that we can manage and maintain long term. Simple is not always easy as everyone has an opinion about what we “should” be doing. Sticking to our perspective and keeping things simple allows us to be the captain of our ship instead of being led by everyone else’s expectations.

It is like choosing to use a scrap instead of getting out a brand new sheet of paper. When we show the end result no one will know we took the simple route unless we tell them. These small victories build our confidence and allow us to see simple in more places, more options, more choices. Suddenly simple makes things easier and clear without even trying. Make today the day you choose one simple thing, something new or updated or even recycled from the pre COVID world. Make it better just by making it simple.

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