I Learned a New Word

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Albert Camus

I have many, many books I use to find quotes. I prefer books to searching online as I like trudging through the pages to discover unknown authors, words, and I am always pleasantly surprised by what the next page holds. Today I learned a new word “implacable”. When I read this quote I had to look it up. It means unstoppable or relentless. Once I read the definition I knew I had to calligraphy these words.

Today let us celebrate the relentless, unstoppable and implacable grandeur of life. Let us revel in the fact that we woke up, that we can read and gain new thoughts, and that we have hours and hours to make life better for ourselves and those people in our life. Life is an amazing adventure filled with ups and downs of which we cannot control. We can either whine about what happens to us or push through it land in a better place as a stronger person. We are only victims of our circumstances if we choose to be.

Let today be the day you breath in and breath out to fill your lungs with hope and joy. The next minute may change everything, there is no telling what the afternoon may bring. Who can imagine what is around the next turn AND how exciting it all is as we have no control over any of it. Sure there is the illusion that we can control our lives, however when we are truly honest with ourselves we know that we control only two things, our actions and our attitude. Everything else is a game of cards.

So, by reading this you may have learned a new word or maybe you already knew that one. No matter which be sure to do something exciting and new today no matter how your day began. If we choose we can make each day an adventure worth living and remembering. If we choose we can learn and grow and change. And if we choose today has the possibility to be better than yesterday. Make today an implacable example of who you are and how you choose to live your life.

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