Even Better Than They are Today

White and metallic ink on Black mixed media – Words: T.S. Eliot

Often in life we are asked to take on something new, different, or to help change things. This means rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. If you have ever been a part of this process you know that lot of time, energy, and thought will be required to get the job done. This is when we tap into our experiences, our expertise and even muster the courage to go where we have not been before. This is also the time where we know we will have to choose the quick path, the easy path, or the right path. Usually neither the quick nor the easy path equals the right path.

New, different and change require risk. The very reason any of these things is happening is because what got us where we are will not get us where we need to go. And if we want better, faster, more efficient or even just more joy we must be willing to take risks, push boundaries and travel a new road. Because if nothing changes then we are stuck with exactly where we are and what we have.

We are still flirting with a global pandemic and no matter how much we want life to go back to a new normal, none of us knows fully what that new normal will look like. Everything has a changed even if it is not obvious. The good news is that we think and act differently as a result of all this. What we thought was strange, remote learning – working remote, ordering food or items online, even eating in instead of out – has now become a part of our world that we can no longer imagine living without. The boundaries pushed us, we pushed back and accepted the strange as our new normal. Not sure that would have happened this rapidly across the globe if not for social distancing.

In other words, we’ve already gone too far from our old thought process and not only survived, we succeeded. Imagine what the next year will bring…it’s exciting, daunting and glorious all at the same time. Let’s remember where we are today so that this time next year we can measure our growth, our success and how far we went to make things even better than they are today.

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