Today Choose the Good Stuff

Ink on Drawing Paper – Words: Paul MacMillan

World peace, always the correct answer when beauty pageant contestants are asked what they want most in this life. This quote reminds us that the concept of peace is actually very simple, if you want peace stop fighting. That is easy until you add in people, politics and ego. Someone has to be right, which means someone else is wrong, someone has to win which means someone else loses. If we just stopped fighting there would be peace without winners or losers. Sad that even after centuries we as a global community have not yet figured out how to make that happen.

Can we do it for ourselves? The second half of the quote reminds us that if we want peace of mind, stop fighting with our thoughts. To drowned out the bad thoughts we have to dilute and replace them with good thoughts. This means we have to stop saying horrible things to ourselves AND stop listening to people who say horrible things about us. Delete the horrible and input the positive, the hopeful, the words we want to hear. And keep repeating them until they sink in and we actually believe the words.

There is power in what we say, what we speak and what we put into our ears. We can control it simply by making different choices. It also means we may not be part of the ‘in crowd’ or ‘in the know’ or even be well informed about the news around us. If those things are important to you then it will be an uphill climb as you navigate, sort and dispose of all the mixed messages that surround you each day. Want more control, control what you see and hear.

I once had someone ask me how I was so positive. I said it’s simple, I have had positive words going into my brain for more that thirty years as I have been creating art with words for more than three decades. It’s all in there flushing out my brain, swirling around and planting seeds of good thoughts and wisdom. Sure I can be negative and dark, the point is I choose not to be most of the time. Garbage in, garbage out. Today choose to put good stuff in and leave the bad stuff out. It makes a difference, after thirty plus years I should know.

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