Choices to Support Peace and Life

Ink on Toned Blue Paper – Words: Benedict de Spinoza

There is so much information out there that it can be difficult to wade through it all and land in a place of peace. We want world peace and yet all too often do not even know how to find it for ourselves. As these words remind us peace is a mindset, a value, a disposition not just the absence of war or strife. Everyone has an idea of peace yet few truly act in such a way to support peace on a daily basis.

We have always wanted to be the place people want to visit, to be the relatives everyone looks forward to seeing. Yesterday our nephew learned how to blacksmith. He has been watching videos online for over a year and today pounded his first piece of steel In our blacksmithing area. He actually shouted, “Woo Hoo!” On multiple occasions, so loudly that everyone could hear his shouts of joy. I was working in my studio and could not contain my smile. Our plan was working, and I cherish greatly that we live in a place where people freely shout “Woo Hoo!”

We live in a quiet place, a location where we have made decisions to cultivate energy and activity. For there is no power without peace and activity. Life thrives on both. We nurture, protect and even make our decisions to support our long term goals when it comes to where we live. Sounds logical, sounds easy and yet it can be anything but either. Not everyone understands why or how we do this. Not everyone understands our choices, and not everyone gives us any credit for making these choices. And that’s okay, once they arrive they get it. Our choices have become evident over time.

We all want peace, so we have to vehemently make decisions and choices to support wanting peace. We all want meaningful lives and activities, so we have to continually use our resources – time and money – wisely. We all want inner peace, satisfaction and joy, which means we have to leave behind the expectations of others and follow our own course. They may not get it now, they will get it later. The reminder here is that we must live our lives being true to ourselves and eventually others will come along who will relish in the lives we have created. What we do is not always for us, we do it for those who will come along beside or behind us. We do it for them so they know it is possible, for them to know the peace and joy and life is worth making the hard choices.

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