Above All Else Silence Takes Guts

Ink on Recycled Watercolor paper – Words: Lynn Johnston

People struggle trying to come up with the right word or phrases to express what they are feeling. Sometimes the words elude us and other times words just don’t seem to be able to describe exactly what is happening. And sometimes words have been spoken so many times that they fall flat. This quote reminds us that often times silence is the best way to convey a profound statement.

Silence brings peace, quiet, time to reflect and think. Silence provides the opportunity to ponder and calm down. And silence allows us moments where we are able to gather our ideas and systematically put them in order. If we spend all our time filling our moments with noise – conversation, television, downloads, games, social media – when do we have time to simply be ourselves? Maybe that’s the point, fill our minutes with distractions so we do not have to face the reality our choices have created.

Silence is a gift and a curse, it all depends upon how we live our lives. I could type more, maybe the better course of action here is to leave you in silence with your own thoughts. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly. Give yourself the gift of ten minutes without any noise, distractions or activities. If you have the courage to do this you will be amazed at what happens. Above all else silence takes guts.

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