All You Have to do is Get Started

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Leonardo Da Vinci

We all have things we know we need to do and yet do not want to do. We also have things we are willing to do and yet never seem to get around to doing them. Some people make lists, some put appointments on their calendar, and still others set electronic reminders to get things done. No matter how many time that alarm goes off or the reminder dings, we still have to get up and do that thing we want or need to do.

I think we all struggle with this. Be it household tasks or work related items, family things or relationship based conversation, we all have things we are willing to do and just don’t do. Maybe these to do items are not important enough for us to actually do them, maybe they just don’t suit our mood that day and then before we know it three weeks have passed and we’re embarrassed. Or worst of all we don’t know or are fearful about something related to that to do item so we put it off and let the fear fester until it seems too big to handle. Whichever way it goes down we need up feeling bad about ourselves even once it gets done.

We waste so much time in the space between our ears thinking, over analyzing or even fearing the worst WHEN in reality if we just got up and did that item and crossed it off our list we would feel better. Maybe it is this struggle that makes us more human than we want to admit. When I tell my close friend about these she says she struggles with the same thing. I greatly appreciate her honesty and ability to help me level set my own flaws. Everyone struggles with getting things done, we all just have different things to get done.

Let’s agree to make today the day we cross off a couple of our to do items. The ones that are messy or uncomfortable, the ones someone else wants us to do or the ones we are totally ignoring and hoping will go away. Be it changing the cat litter, calling your Mother or paying bills, just do it. Get up, delay no longer, and move forward. A body in motion stays in motion, so all you have to do is get started. Gotta run, the kitty litter box is calling my name.

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