Today is Your Day to Risk the Bloom

Marker & Gel Pen on watercolor – Words: Anais Nin

The flowers in our gardens are blooming at various levels. Some are all out there while others are just beginning to show their color. I’ve been weeding for weeks and am just beginning to see the light at the end of all that hard work. I hate weeding, it is a necessary evil if the varieties of flora and fauna are expected to thrive. Sure I could skip it knowing that eventually everything would be choked out by nasty weeds, and since I don’t want that I weed. I’m up to fifteen utility buckets full of weeds and I have not even gotten to the bad parts yet.

Three years ago I began working from seeds instead of buying plants. It takes longer to build a garden and one must wait several years before the seeds grow full size. However, today I saw the fruits of my labors in a patch of flowers blooming with gusto. It was at this moment that I understood this quote. These beauties fought the good fight – I planted the seeds three years ago – and this week they bloomed full size and bright as the sun. They have spread themselves and now what I thought was a small patch has become a central feature near our front door. It is as if the flowers are reminding me to risk the bloom.

We can plan, we can prepare, we can plan some more and then prepare further. All the time knowing that eventually the goal is to bloom. All the planning in the world means nothing if the glorious outcome is delayed simply out of fear. And of course there is fear, there is dread, there is the unknown. The key is to do it anyway and overcome that fear. The world is waiting for you to do it AND to be inspired, enjoy and revel in your beauty. Like a flower growing from a tiny seed, it takes time, nurturing and risk to pop out and say, “Here I am!” Let today be the day you risk the bloom and show us all what you have to offer.

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