The Only Words You Want to Say

Ink on watercolor paper- Words: Bohidharma

I recently watched a movie where words were described as”Magic”. Everything else could fall apart and words would hold the entire world together. Words have power, influence, and the ability to both build up and totally destroy. The words we choose, the messages they convey have the power to change lives simply with a few letters.

I have a friend who’s daughter is sixteen. The daughter is eloquent and bright, different and glad to show her individuality. Is also know that people at school mock her and make fun of her being different. That bright teen has learned the power of liberation from words, as she says she ignores it and reminds herself that those kids don’t really know her so who cares what they think. She has proven this quote right, freeing oneself from words is liberation. And it is the best form of freedom as we have the power to control it.

We throw words out like ‘should’ and ‘must’ when in reality there are very few things that fall into those categories once you are liberated. Everyone else has expectations and their idea of what we ‘should’ do or be doing, and they tell us the things we ‘must’ do to move up the ladder, succeed in life, have a happy life, be our best self. When in reality those are suggestions or guidelines not perfect absolute solutions. No one has the magic key because no one person has it all. Everyone has the ups and downs of life, only on reality television does it all work out before the commercial break.

To live a liberated life we must control our own words, the ones we speak and the ones we allow into our head, and we must use words to help us along our journey. What we say when no one is looking, what we utter to ourselves before we start something new, or even the things we remind ourselves to believe when meeting certain people all these words and sentences have the power to move us forward or leave us stuck in the past.

So today as you face another morning, tell yourself the great things you want to do today even if it is as simple as spending time with your family. Maybe it is doing what you want to do no matter what everyone else is doing. The words you say, hear, and speak to yourself have the power to make or break your next adventure. Set yourself up for success by choosing your words wisely, only use the good ones today and tomorrow and the day after. Eventually those will be the only words you want to say and then everything will change.

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