Don’t Pretend, Learn and Grow

Ink & Gel Pen on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Willa Cather

We are all in one of three places – heading into a storm, in the midst of a storm, or recovering from a storm. The challenge lies in having the wherewithal to know in which place you are currently living. None of us gets away from the storms of life, so we need to figure out how to survive and rebuild or regroup once the storm is over. Life has a way of teaching us lessons whether we like it or not. The real question is has learning occurred or will we have to experience another storm to get the message?

There are so many layers and aspects of our lives that intertwine so it can be hard to decipher what we need to learn, how to apply the knowledge once we learn it, and what do we need to do differently in order to be better prepared for the next storm. I would say this is all part of growing up and yet not everyone grows up AND children and youth live through storms, so it is not just about being an adult. We experience storms for who knows how many reasons or under innumerable circumstances, the point is everyone experiences storms.

Next time you are in a room with people, sit quietly and think about where they are in terms of the storms of life. Are they heading into one, if so they may need a calm, quiet time to prepare. Are they in the midst of a storm, and will of course need understanding, support and maybe a shoulder to cry on. Or are they just leaving a storm zone and need help figuring out what just happened and how they can recover. Everyone is in one of these three places, including you. Kindness, compassion and support are what we all need in order to learn the lessons and move forward.

Take a deep breath, think about where you are now and what you might need to get through this stage. And be willing to ask for help and support. The wisest people know when to ask AND are willing to be vulnerable and learn in order to forge ahead with strength and courage. Today may not be your storm or even tomorrow, one is coming so hold on tight. Build the relationships you need now instead of waiting until it is too late. We are not in this life alone so don’t pretend, learn and grow.

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