Understanding Empowered by Action

Ink on Mixed Media – Words: Joseph Joubert

Have you ever had the opportunity to share what you know how to do with someone else? Someone who was eager to learn? The moment they begin to ask questions and delve into your knowledge is the moment you realize how much you know and how much you still have to learn. During this interchange new ideas come into your head, old concepts are brought back to life and concepts that never went together before are suddenly old and dear friends.

The best way to know if you know something is to try to teach it to someone else. What had become habit must now be communicated in such a way that the other person can not only understand it, they must also be able to execute on their new understanding. Information is available everywhere, all over the internet, from all over the world. True learning happens when information is given the power and time to turn into actions, items and habits.

I have taught many concepts in global forums and venues to realize that what I am sharing is more than just words, it is an ability to ‘see’ the information alive and working in the lives of others…assuming those others want that. Just because someone sits in a seat does NOT mean they want to learn, change and grow. As the teacher we must find those who want those things and invest our time and ourselves into giving them all their minds and lives can sustain.

If you want to know if you really know a topic, teach it to someone else. Not by lording it over them or like some great guru on the topic. Teach in such a way that your passion lights a fire within them such that their lives and outlook is changed for the better. Both of you will know and understand that knowledge is one thing, understanding empowered by action is a totally better thing.

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