The Cycle of Human Growth

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Henry Bergson

All things in life are a process not a destination. It is about the journey. Success, maturity, creativity all three require constant activity and allowing time to enhance what our actions have put into movement. I enjoy how this quote reminds us that this is all en endless journey, that is if we allow it to be.

Life demands change. Ideas come and go, fashions change, even what is acceptable or dull alters over time. Beige used to be the neutral color of choice and people actually put carpet in bathrooms (the people who built out house did – yuck!) and now those things are not considered attractive anymore. Give it thirty years and those trends will come back around. The key to surviving change is to be your genuine self, knowing who you are and what is important to you. That way when the trends comes and go you have a solid foundation of your own beliefs and passions to stand on while the crowds and fads roll by.

Life demands maturity. It means changing and maturing and know when to be steady and when to improve, innovate and make things more than they were before. Not simply because you can, it is about how changing and maturing will help move your world forward. Whether we like it or not we cannot control change, so we go with it, stand still, or watch it go by hoping it never comes back. Productive change means things get better and try better. Change for change’s sake means what was will come back around.

To be productive life demands creativity. Be it in how things are organized, how things look, what is built, developed or invented, even in how we live and work. Change, then maturity, then creativity. It is the cycle of human growth and paves a path for a lifetime of adventure and experiences. It is an endless process. Like Ray Kroc used to say, “If you’re green you’re growing, if you’re ripe you’re rotten.” So keep changing, maturing and creating.

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