One Day People Will Call You Lucky

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Thomas Jefferson

I went to an antique show today where there were hundreds and hundreds of vendor booths. Each one filled with the art, antiques, designs and passion of that particular vendor. It was information overload in the best sense with so much to see that I was exhausted by early afternoon. At one point I stood in the aisle and just watched the people mill back and forth talking, asking questions and buying wares.

Once I snapped out of my mental stupor I had another thought, all the work, time, energy and personality that went into making each booth possible. No one ends up at a show without having spent hundreds of hours gathering and getting ready. It takes so much time behind the scenes that once patrons arrive to buy they think these vendors must be ‘lucky’ to have such a great place to sell. Most people have NO IDEA what it takes to pull off a well stocked booth, ready to sell with fabulous merchandise. It takes more hard work than most people are willing to exert.

How do you spell luck…w-o-r-k! No one accomplishes anything worthwhile without a great deal of work. No idea, product or creative item makes it to the public without lots of blood, sweat and tears. And no one who puts all that effort into something sees it as anything but hard work – work well worth doing, but hard work none the less. I drove home applauding the people who provided such a great show and look forward to attending again sometime soon.

It can be hard to muster the strength it takes to put in the hours. The uncertainty, the try to fail and try again attitude, and missing out on other things in order to make it all pay off. It means time alone, time away from family and time questioning yourself if this ‘thing’ is really worth it all. The only way to know is to keep working, working hard and getting to that end result. Whatever it is you may be questioning whether it is worth it, let me encourage you to keep working, keep going and keep up the good work. One day people will call you ‘lucky’ and you will know that all your hard work paid off.

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