Some Things Just Need a ‘Hey Lord’

Inktober 2020 – Day 27: Billy Joel Lyrics

This Travelin’ Prayer song is a reminder that it is not all about us. There are people we love and care about that we want to pray for. Prayer is not about telling God what’s going on, or about who needs help or care or assistance. Let’s face it God know it all, so the prayer is for us. We need to verbalize our wants, needs, concerns and dreams for ourselves, our brain, and to remind us that it is important to spend time talking about someone else.

Prayer requires focus, communication, and the ability to hear ourselves speak the desires and concerns of our heart. It is a time to bring what is important to us into focus, to heal the relationships with our enemies, and to settle in our own soul that God is important. Prayer requires quiet, peacefulness and honesty. And we all know that sometimes prayer involves shouting, anger and letting it all out to someone who is grander than us who has assured us that we are being heard.

Prayer reminds us that we are important, our lives are important and that letting go of things puts us right back where we belong in that state of faith. Maybe you pray in the shower, in the car, in your bedroom or while riding your bike. Maybe you pray with others, pray liturgy or original thoughts. Maybe you scream and yell, cry and sweat, moan or simply let your emotions out no matter what is going on. However you do it, keep doing it.

Prayer changes things, it changes people, it changes us. Prayer is an act of selfish selflessness, quiet reflection and self centered release. Prayer teaches us tot all about others more than ourselves, which is a fantastic life lesson no matter the reason. So don’t worry if you’re praying right, just open your mouth and let the words come out. God knows your heart and will listen no matter what. Some things just need a ‘Hey Lord’ for today, tomorrow and the future.

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