Action Cures Fear – Don’t Overthink It

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Tina Fey

As Tina Fey states in this quote, life is like a water slide. You can’t be that kid at the stop of the ladder staring down the chute overthinking it. You have got to just go down the chute to actually do it. How many times have we looked back on things we have done in life and realized how much time we wasted pondering, overthinking it instead of just doing it?

Hind sight is clearer than the view we have into each individual day. It is easy to be a Monday morning Quarterback analyzing everything after it is all over. It is much more difficult to see the reality of things as we are right in the midst of it all and make a decision towards action instead of staying stationery in fear.

The best way to live life is to just go down the chute. The more we think and over analyze the less likely we are to move forward and more forward in confidence. our minds play tricks on us. We can talk ourselves out of anything we want if we stand there long enough. The key is to not stand there too long and think about all the things that might happen, just keep moving and go down the next slide.

This is month seven for social distancing. It has become our new normal and being ‘safe’ at a distance may get enough into our heads to prevent us from doing things. Risk and change doesn’t have to be unsafe, they allow us to open a new door or start a new chapter in our lives. They can only do that if we actually open the door or start writing the words, and this means action. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, action cures fear so don’t spend too much time overthinking it.

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