Imagine & Be Willing to do the Work

3D Wooden Letters on Cyanotype Treated Fabric

Our prompt for this thirty-eighth week in our year long challenge was to create something three dimensional. We had to use letters in some way to show depth. I placed wooden letters, and a button to dot the first “i”, on cyanotype pre treated fabric. As you can see in the photo below it looks like a shade of army green. Once the letters were in place I left it outside to sit in the sun for twenty minutes. I then rinsed all the ‘dye’ out and the green turns blue and the letters turn white where the sun was not able to ‘turn’ the fabric blue. Lots of fun and a great project for a sunny day.

Sometimes all we need is a prompt and some supplies to have fun with an idea. When was the last time you challenged yourself or others to do something different? When was the last time you tried something with no idea how it was going to turn out? And when was the last time you dared to imagine your life in any way different from what it is today? Only when we test our limits, try and fail, experiment and allow ourselves to risk do we build ourselves into the person we always wanted to become.

Everything we have today is because someone dared to imagine something better, smarter, faster or more beautiful than anyone had seen before. That idea in your head may be just what lots of other people are looking for in their own lives. You’ll never know unless you allow yourself to imagine and then be willing to do the work.

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