Ignite Your Strength Undefeatable

Ink on scrap paper – Words: Helen Keller

“To keep our faces towards change” what powerful words Helen Keller said back when no one had ever heard of COVID-19. We all know that the only constant in life is change, no matter who you are and how hard you work to avoid it. We have been living with social distancing for months and months not knowing when it will change again. That alone can wear us down just a little each day.

No matter what is changing, life does go on. People get married, babies are born, there is work, home, school, recreation and even community that need to be continued. All of us are learning to do all that in different ways using different methods. Our actions and habits have changed and I believe we are beginning to see a change in how people think. We value things differently, we spend differently, we cherish our homes differently and we are finding new ways to stay in touch without touching. We are finding within ourselves a strength undefeatable that we did not know existed.

Let this post serve as encouragement to you and how you are handling all this change. Sure there are days when we feel no spark and other days where we cannot extinguish the light and hope within. As these months have passed how have you changed? How have you handled change? And what are you doing to make your world a better place than it was last week, last month, last year? No matter your circumstances keep your face towards change and let it ignite your strength undefeatble!

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