None of Us Know What Tomorrow Will Bring

Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Unknown

Do you remember where you were when you heard about the planes crashing into the Twin Towers? I was in my boss’ office on a conference call. Someone on the call told the group about the first plane, my boss then turned on the TV in her office and we watched the second one hit. Then there was chaos and everything changed.

A friend gave me this quote and when I created the work it wasn’t until I was setting things up in my blog that I realized it would be the graphic for a 9-11 post. I would like to say I planned it that way, I didn’t. The storm that 9-11 brought changed the world. It brought terrorism to our shores and forever made the world think differently. Since that day every life on this planet has been changed. Talk about a storm!

There was disruption and chaos, fear and panic, a huge dose of reality and the understanding that life would never be the same. Over the years since paths have been cleared for better communication, more cooperation and stronger mutual respect across borders. Paths have also been built that probably need to be replaced with better technology, smarter processes and more human intervention. If we could figure out a way for people to use their powers for good and not evil the entire world would be a better place to live. Alas, there is always hope.

If 9-11 teaches nothing more than the lesson that life will change on a dime when you least expect it. Life is precious so never take for granted the time you have with the people you love…and be sure to tell them that. No one who called home from any of the impacted sites wanted to communicate any other message than love. Be sure you share that same message with someone in your life and do it now. None of us know what tomorrow will bring.

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