Dare to be THAT Kind of Person

Ink on Scrap Marbled paper – words: Florence Joyner

Hooray for the people who believe in the impossible! Where would we be without the dreamers, the schemers, the diligent and the disciplined? Men and women from all walks of life have changed this world because they dared to believe that what others thought was impossible was not only possible it was inevitable.

Ray Kroc dared to believe that people across America would eat hamburgers and french fries if they were consistently hot, fresh and affordable. He was 56 when he met the McDonald’s brothers. Walt Disney believed that bringing joy to people’s lives could make a difference; he was nearly sixty when he had the idea for Disneyland. Madame CJ Walker dared to believe that when women felt good about themselves they could change the world. She was the first female millionaire in the United States and she built her empire on hair care for women of color. She did this in the early 1900s.

Maybe you’re tired, maybe you’re beat down, maybe too many people have been telling you that you’re wrong or crazy or too ordinary to think big things. There will always be people who tell you you’re not good enough. There will always be people who think the newest idea will never replace the way it’s always been done. And there will always be people who are comfortable enough in life to never imagine anything other than the life they have, let alone something impossible. When these people start talking tune them out and dare to believe that your idea is a great idea.

Everything from a hamburger to a cartoon mouse, hair care and everything else that has made this world better all started because someone believed in the impossible when other people didn’t. If you want it, dare to be that kind of person today.

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