The Gift of Hope Provides Perspective

Ink on Marbled Paper – Words: Cicero

No matter what is happening in your world, let’s gain a little perspective. Are you breathing? Do you have food to eat, a safe place to sleep and are you able to read and write? Do you have clean clothes on your back and the ability to articulate words so other people can understand you? Can you feed yourself, brush your own teeth, and can you go to the bathroom by yourself? All these things may seem like basic elements of life, however not everyone has many or all of these things today.

Cicero wrote this quote thousands of years ago and they still apply today. With life changing and still staying the same it can be hard not to feel sorry for yourself, get frustrated with your current circumstances or even feel hopeless that things are not moving along fast enough. If that is how you are feeling then go back and read the first paragraph again.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that having the basic elements of life are gifts, blessings and not to be taken for granted. When we have them everyday we forget that others do not. Take a deep breath then let it out very slowly. Now do it again. Now remind yourself that no matter what the tapes in your head are telling you where there is life there is hope. Now forward this blog to someone who might need to be reminded or needs to gain perspective on all they are blessed with in their life. Give them the gift of hope.

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