The More You Use It the More It Grows

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Ruth Gordon

Someone just shared a human interest story with me about a Nun who wanted to run a marathon, unfortunately the one she chose had been cancelled due to COVID-19. She ran it anyway on a treadmill. It took her three hours and thirty-five minutes. THAT is not only courage, it is determination and gumption!

We forget that our courage needs to be exercised just as much as our muscles. It may seem silly to compare something like courage to muscles – one is tangible one is invisible to the human eye – and yet both muscles and courage only grow stronger with use. We notice a lack of courage or a lack of strength in our muscles which means no matter the tangibility both need exercise to get stronger.

I see my personal challenge this year of 365 pieces of original calligraphy for this blog as a huge test of my courage. I write everyday so adding the process of creating artworks as well gave me cause for hesitation. Did I have the time, or more honestly did I want to make the time? By making this commitment I had to muster up the courage to say it out loud, to write it down and post it to the internet…once that was done I was committed. My courage is tested everyday as I post both my words and my art.

Currently I am a little over half way through that year; I’ve created 188 pieces so far…only 177 more to go. My studio is covered in work drying, waiting for the next step or ideas I am pondering. I didn’t realize how much fun it would be and how many times I would have to say ‘No’ to other things to have enough art for my posts. Such a large quantity of work has forced me to be lesS critical, less of a perfectionist, and more open to different ways of looking at things. I am saving all this year’s work in a book format, not sure what will happen with it all once this year is done, time will tell.

Courage doesn’t always have to be a public declaration or accomplishing a goal; sometimes courage is as simple as going to a new place where you do not know anyone or saying ‘No’ to someone who has overstepped their bounds. What is courage for one person may seem trivial to someone else, no matter. Courage is personal, courage is manifested in a multitude of ways and courage grows each time it is put into play.

If you’ve read my blog before you know what is coming next; when was the last time you exercised your courage? In what are of your life do you need more courage? What is preventing you from acting or feeling courageous? Maybe this week is when you step up, step out, or simply stand up and exercise more courage. The more you use it the more it grows…so get out there and get a courage sweat going, you will feel better for it!

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