Getting Ready for Life to Continue

Metallic Pen on Black Mixed Media – Words: Lemes

It can Be hard to get moving when you are overwhelmed by grief. Even though we all grieve differently it takes time to deal with the loss of someone or something. Grief can come in many forms. It could be the loss of the life we knew, a person, an opportunity, a precious item or even a pet. No matter the source of the grief the emotions are still intense and may feel unpredictable. Finding something to do helps soothe a weary soul.

I have a friend who was furloughed in her job in April, she only went back to work last week. She now works from home and is having to get used to the new circumstances and changes. As she told me she doesn’t think her job will ever be the same. She is wisely giving herself time to grieve the loss of the past and the unknown of the future. She said it is up and down and knows that having something to do is making it better.

Action keeps us from being too self focused and helps remind us that there is a great big world out there that needs us. I find it amazing that this quote is from over one hundred and forty years ago, which means it still holds true two centuries later. No matter how things change with progress and time so many things stay the same. Grief is still an overwhelming emotion that only heals with time and activity. Too often we get the time part but forget to get up and keep moving. It is all too easy to just sit when we need to sit and process then get up and do something, anything to keep moving.

My friend who just started back to work slowly got herself back into her art. She is learning new skills which gives her relief and a release from her grief over her life changes. I’m proud of her for doing something, anything to help herself adjust to all the changes. Her creative skills are improving and she feels better even if not totally adjusted to working from home. Eventually the intensity of her grief will subside and her action will prevail, and then she will be ready for her new life to continue.

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