Let This be a Reminder About Attitude

Ink on Sketch Paper – Words: Zig Ziglar

I first heard this quote when I was in my twenties. I had taken my first calligraphy class and the owner of the software company where I worked asked me to calligraphy these words for his office. I was flattered and excited and overwhelmed. My lettering was still very basic, but I did it. He hung my work over his desk where he could see it everyday. I’m sure if I looked back on that piece today I would be horrified at how awful my work was, however I did it.

My attitude was “why not?” If he doesn’t like it I can do it again. I was just a beginner and had a can do attitude. It was one of those points in life where you feel invincible, vulnerable and fearful all at the same time. My attitude outsized my aptitude, but I didn’t care. I was greatly encouraged that someone wanted my work.

It is now over thirty years later and I am still greatly encouraged when people want my work. The stories I could tell about working with people in regards to art. The lessons I have learned and the courage I have had to muster to keep moving forward. I have always applied that same can do attitude in all areas of my life – corporate, art, community, family – and it really does make a difference. I’ve learned that people don’t expect you to be perfect, they simply want someone who will do whatever it takes to get the job done…no matter the job.

I found this quote in one of my favorite books this week and was propelled back to my twenties and that first piece. I reflected on how my attitude and enthusiasm have gotten me in the door then my work ethic helped me close the deal. Zig Ziglar was right, is still right, and will be right for years to come. It is our attitude not out aptitude that determines our altitude. Let this be an attitude check in point for where you are today. No matter how good or dire things look your attitude will be what turns the good into fabulous and the dire into your next opportunity to shine. Thank you Zig for this reminder.

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