What Are You Looking For?

Ink & Gel Pen on Pastel Paper – Words: Helen Keller

We’ve all had disappointments and dashed hopes. We expected something to move forward or last forever and then suddenly the door closes. These words remind us all not to dwell too long on what is closed to us, instead focus on what other opportunities life is presenting right in front of our eyes. These words are made even more powerful when they are from someone who was deaf, dumb and blind. Remarkable.

All along the way of life we have to adjust our plan and deal with what cards life has dealt. Be it wonderful surprises or bitter disappointments, no one is living the exact life they planned. Life isn’t as much about straight angles and neat corners, it is about bending with the changes and allowing things to go other than the way you planned.

I am always amazed at how people are reacting to all this social distancing. Some are thriving as they readjust to working from home and find it a wonderful alternative to sitting in a cube in an office. Others are busting at the seams to get out of their house and go back to working somewhere other than their home. Some people love this quiet time and others want to burst forth and mill about, and still others have begun to find a balance between being home and being scheduled. I think the difference between all these reactions circles around attitude and expectations. If both are aligned then a sense of freedom and peace ensues; when both are at odds there is nothing but staring at an entirely locked door waiting for it to open. We have the ability to choose our attitude and our expectations, the clue it knowing that and then doing it.

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