Maybe It’s Time for a New Door

Gel Pen & Ink on Black Paper – Words: Coco Chanel

There is a point in all our lives when we have to face the reality of our situation. We find ourselves banging will all our might on a wall hoping it will transform into a door. Once we are tired, frustrated, disgusted with ourselves and out of energy we look up and see the same old wall. Sometimes the best decisions is to go and exert our energy on a more productive wall.

Maybe instead of a step up it is time for a step sideways. Some of my best career moves were lateral. I moved sideways into a different role at the same level in order to find a door. Eventually I found a door up, out of that lateral role and into one that was much more challenging and better suited to my talents and skills. It takes courage to stop bringing on a wall and move around to see where there might be another door.

The hardest decisions we have to make are when we leave behind what we know to face the unknown. It is that moment when face our own frustrations, our boredom, our inability to appreciated or recognized for a job well done, and our lack of passion as we get up each day to do the same unchallenging work. Most of us can only do that for so long until it begins to impact our self confidence, our self esteem and our work. The time to stop banging on the wall is when no one else is listening anymore. Face facts, stop driving yourself crazy, and put your energy into finding something else.

Doing what you do best means finding the place that appreciates your talents, skills, ideas and continually asks for more. Maybe it is time to step away from the wall and give yourself a break. Sometimes no means no, just that, no. This may not be the place or job or people for you, so it’s time to move on. Dig deep and find the courage to face your current reality. Step away from your frustration and begin to look for something else to do with all your wonderful ideas and energy. There are people out there who want what you have to offer, they may simply be waiting behind a door you didn’t ever think to open.

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