Choose Today What You Will Do With Your Hands

Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Audrey Hepburn

So what have your two hands been busy doing these past months? How have you occupied your time and how is the world a better place for all your efforts? Those may sound like big thought questions, and they can be, yet in reality they are things we are all grappling with each morning we wake.

There is a lot of power in your hands. Not just by what they can build, or process, or type. Their power is immeasurable because once you share your strength and skills with someone else that person is able to work, process and type something to change their world. When we give ourselves away, when we pass on our knowledge and expertise we broaden the possibilities. We learn more by teaching and giving, we expand the recipient’s concept of life and we exponentially multiple what can be accomplished on this globe. That’s a lot that can be accomplished with your left and right hand.

There are times when we might have to sit on our hands. Sounds strange and yet we may know the right answer but it might not be the right time for us to provide that answer. Never prevent someone from benefiting from the consequences of their own actions and decisions. It may be obvious for us how to solve their problem, they might need to learn that lesson on their own. Giving all the answers prevents them from growing up, growing wise learning through experience. Standing on the sidelines with your hands folded may be the best gift you can give.

No matter who they are, no matter how they got to the point of pain, sometimes people just need a helping hand. They need a strong handshake or a pat on the back to keep them in the race of life. They need to know that they matter, that someone is listening or that someone cares enough to give their time and effort to help them learn how to make things better.

No matter what you do with your hands, use them both wisely. Take care of your own world and reach out to help those along your path. We were given two hands, one for ourselves and one for others. Choose today to use your strengths wisely.

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