Your Own Foundation

Ink on 1980s Blueprints – Words Frida Kahlo

A friend sent me some blueprint remnants from the 1980s. I have enjoyed using them in various ways, especially when I find a quote that compliments them so closely. Buildings like people can endure more than we think they can. They have layers and structure and a network beneath the surface to sustain all that time delivers, and if we can reach for them correctly they can last through the best and worst of times.

These social distancing days are indeed strange. New habits are forming to keep us safe and old habits or rituals are becoming distant memories. Frieda Kahlo died in 1954, which means that almost sixty years ago she said this quote. My guess is she experienced her own trials and tribulations and learned that she could indeed endure more than she thought she could.

I hope that you are finding within yourself a new power, a new strength and a new way to live a productive life. All the activities and social events we attended were wonderful, now we know how precious indeed those times were. How do we move forward in this new age and keep the preciousness of time with people without living in fear? And how do we keep our own humanity when the world around seems to be losing theirs?

These days test our foundations right to the core. We find out what we are made of, both good and bad. We find out who are our friends and who we need to distance from in order to maintain our own positive outlook. We find out the habits we want to break and the ones we want to improve. We find out what is truly important and what is just window dressing.

My hope for you this week is to strengthen your foundation and build your life into a testament for human endurance and character. We rarely pay attention to the foundation of a building and yet without it everything else fails. Pay attention to your own foundation.

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