Sometimes YOU Have to Stop the Panic

Gel Print Remnants on Black Paper – Words: Robin Williams

I enjoy this quote from Robin Williams as it reminds us that about the power of optimism. People love to laugh, especially at themselves, and find great hope in knowing that other people struggle with the same things they are struggling with in their own lives. Some of the best comedians are hilarious because their stories are our stories as well; we can relate and what bothered us now gives us the opportunity to laugh and release it all.

I may sound a bit naive, yet at this time in our history as a nation and a global community I think we need a large dose of optimism. Sure things are bad and the current tensions and viruses will be with us always, what we need are leaders who can provide a positive outlook on how we can resolve things and move forward in unity. Anyone can protest, anyone can spread panic, anyone can post or tweet or live stream horrific events and scenes that incite more panic and more fear. It takes vision and optimism to be the one providing alternatives and outlets for people to relieve and join together to make things better.

Someone needs to stand up and say no more. No more fear, no more half truths, no more treating people like a virus instead of like human beings. You would think that all the incredible things we have developed via technology would prove that we can find a better way to navigate forward as one global community. Injecting a bit of self deprecating humor and a dose of truth about where we stand could go a long way towards settling us down and propelling us towards a solution.

We do not have to figure it all out today, yet we do need to think today about the kind of tomorrow we want to leave to the children. Fear, panic, uncertainty, isolation and anger are not the words I want to hear my nieces and nephews use to describe the decade that started in 2020. As parents, leaders, and the adults of this world we need to be the ones using humor, optimism and peace to lay a foundation for the way we want them to experience this upcoming decade. When given the chance, stop spreading the %$#U^ off the internet and just say no to rumors, fear and media hype. Instead of respecting the garbage let kindness and silence be the goal. It’s like I was taught, if you can’t say anything nice then say nothing at all…

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