It’s What We Think About

Gel Pen & Watercolor on Media Paper – Words: Ralph Waldo Emerson

I created a series for this week. Seven small, individual pieces each designed using scraps and black paper. I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to create, then this quote jumped out and pushed the art supplies right into my hands.

Too many times we spend too much time thinking about things. What might happen, what do other people think, why did this happen, what if that doesn’t happen. Before we know it we have become the worry and lamentations we have focused our minds around. We begin to invent things to be concerned about when there is no basis of fact for any of what we are thinking. We have become what we think about all day long.

What if we spent more time thinking about our ideas, our dreams, our opportunities? What if instead of focusing on the fear or pitfalls we thought long and hard about the possibilities for success, excitement, even invention? What if we saturated our thoughts with good things, positive things, ideas that bring us joy and options that could make our world better? How would it feel to wake up excited about the future instead of dreading all the things we have made up to worry about?

Reality is going to be there no matter what we do. Most of life is out of our control, so why not choose to spend our thinking time, our waking hours and our ideas on things that really matter? If we think we are victims, then guess what we are victims. If we think we can do it then we will find a way. Emerson was very right, we are what we think about all day. So choose wisely what you let control your hours of thought.

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