“Mad as a Bag of Ferrets”

Ink on Canson paper – Words: British Slang

With all this time at home we have been binging various series and shows. One such binge was British so we instituted’British Accent Night’. Everyone had to speak with a British accent, and if you used words that have a different spelling you had to speak it out. For example, colour with a ‘u’, centre with ‘re’. We all giggled and used words like ‘bum’ and ‘bugger’ then started looking up slang. Our favorite, the one no one could get out with a straight face, was ‘mad as a bag of ferrets’. Those few days we laughed out loud more than we had in weeks. It was a blast!

Sometimes you just need a real side splitting laugh to take off the edges of life. You need to be silly and let go of every part of being an adult. Responsibilities, obligations, commitments and all normal adult things are forgotten when your laughing enough to roll in your chair. We felt good laughing and being so silly, just being together and having fun.

To manage stress we can only hold in so much before we explode. Everyone needs to let it all go at one time or another. Be it through laughter, exercise, eating or any other outlet we all need to find our way to release and relax. If we don’t stress will get the better of us.

We all know that, however it can be hard to put it into practice. With time on our hands that we didn’t have before, we suddenly have time to laugh and be silly. So your challenge this week is to get as mad as a bag of ferrets! Let go, have fun and forget the weight of your world if only for a little while.

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