To Imagine is Everything

We live in a world that is addicted to information. We are trained to believe that the more we know the better. So where is the point where we have too much information and are constipated with data? When should we be turning off the news and thinking our own big thoughts? For the man who discovered the theory of relativity to say that knowing is nothing is a pretty big deal. I was struck by the simplicity of his words and yet the idea is huge. It is something we need to put into bigger practice in our current lives.

At times we each gather the data we think we need to make a decision. Then there is the lamenting, pondering, mulling, and general contemplating before we actually make the decision. Soooo many of us think we need more data, all the data, and keep searching it out until we have everything exactly right to make the right choice. By that time the opportunity or project is gone, delayed, or no longer important because we took too long to make a decision. Knowing all that there is to know does not always make things better.

It is the leader who thinks big and knows how to inspire their people to see the big picture that we all want to follow. Putting the pieces into place and helping people understand how they fit into the puzzle is the right way to gain momentum. Giving people the freedom to imagine big ideas or small changes allow them to see it, own it, then work hard to make it come true. In the mean time others who do not understand may think us crazy.

There are those out there who are unable to imagine anything without all the data. To this group I point out that a man who won the Nobel Peace Prize for Science drew his great ideas by first starting with a vivid imagination. Maybe thinking big, dreaming and imagining the impossible is a great place to start your next endeavor?

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